Saturday, December 8, 2012

Leaves Fall and Hope Comes

It was a Sunday afternoon on a windy day walk - crisp fall leaves dancing,rolling,bouncing in the street going clickity, clickity, like miniature popcorn popping. Oh the sounds of fall! 

On top of that I relish the brilliant colors of fall - fiery reds, brilliant oranges, lush golds, and touches of splashy greens. A vibrant hue study of delight just before they independently waft downward or they scurry along, to who knows where, driven by the wind.. 

Now that it is December, the leaves are long blown away or raked into bags to wend there way to the landfill. Their colors are quickly forgotten as barren brown and gray branches display a slumbering presence. Hmm, a light thought - in the barrenness is a hint of hope and expectation that new life is brooding deep within the brown and gray forms. 

Because of my years I am coming to appreciate even more the seasons of life. They are all necessary to experience the fullness of being here. Each season has a purpose with their respective colors being symbolically significant. All to be appreciated and valued.

Sugar Maple Gold II
©Nancy Teague
In spite of the plethora of empty trees around me this new painting of a maple leaf reminds me of the blazing colors but two months ago. It is also a reminder of my leaf hunting trips. Hey, have you ever noticed no two leaves are alike? Just like snowflakes' design and zebra's stripes! Isn't God something in that in His immense creativity He always makes one of a kind! Just like you are!

Looking for just the right leaves is like going on an adventurous treasure hunt. Oh what fun it is! This adventure is better than being in a one horse open sleigh! Well, obviously the sounds of Christmas are upon us, and the sounds of fall long gone.

May this leaf, that packs a punch, with its golden expression, brighten your day in some way. Perhaps a little reminder that change happens, season come and go, and hope is always eternal.

Wishing you bright colors, one of a kind expressions, and fun simple adventures.

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