Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maple RED

My favorite color is red. So you can imagine my autumn delight when certain maple trees transform their green leaves into bright red. Of course I love those bright golden leaves too, but there is something about that 'red'!

Last fall I went on some red maple leaf hunting expeditions. Over the course of several days I found just the right ones, having drifted to the grass below. I so enjoy discovering these special treasures, knowing that no two are alike. 

What is also fun is to see how they change just by turning them in the sun's light - shadows shift, light reflects differently - adding another one-of-a-kind look and feel. To illustrate here is the same leaf from different perspectives.

Hmm, a light thought - it is good to enlarge our perspectives! There is always more to see than we think. 

'Maple Red 3' 8x10" acrylic on watercolor board
©Nancy Teague
'Maple Red 4'  8x10" acrylic on watercolor board
©Nancy Teague

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