Friday, July 5, 2013

Changed My Art Style and Focus

Have you ever been compelled to do something? It's like you cannot not do it! That is what has happened with my artwork.

For decades I have painted realism, showing impacts of light on object. Now, I am being impacted by Light in my personal life as never imagined. This revelation of the Good News, such as I have never heard before in my 64 years of life, has flowed over onto my art! Any thoughts of fear of failure, what if, or 'buts' about changing didn't stand a chance against the truth that is setting me free in fresh new ways. "Oh my goodness!" - that is a statement I have made often over these last number of months as I've heard truth that sets you free indeed.

When I determinedly leaped into abstract expressionism in April 2013, with His timing smeared all over it, I spontaneously completed a painting that shouted out to me "Oh My Goodness!" Ah, perfect title! What a treat to have a visual of something going on spiritually. Take a gander at it!

"Oh My Goodness" Acrylic on Canvas

The impetus to 'seriously' jump into playfulness, spontaneity, vibrancy, and mystery through expressive painting has been a challenge, an adventure, and a delight. 

A phrase that came to me - 'Animated in Rest' - perfectly expresses the dynamic and source of my new artwork. So I've combined two effects, 'Impacted by Light' and 'Animated in Rest', as the new title of my blog.

Hey, do you know that His rest is full of animation and joy? God's eternal delight in us is marvelously shown after He made man and woman - "Then God blessed them..." (Gn 1:28). Now what's so big about that? Well, the Hebrew word for 'blessed' means "to adore, as an act to kneel as in adoration". Oh my goodness, He was that taken by us?! Yes, indeed! And He still is. That's part of the true Good News.

I am so excited to sense I will be doing 'art with a message'. I hope you join me on my animated journey. He is such fun! And this kind of painting is such fun! Oh my goodness!

May you encounter many a 'oh my goodness' in your life, too! 


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