Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finding More Than You Thought

Have you ever been on a search and found more than you were expecting? 

Have you ever not been searching and found a surprise?

I love that unexpected element to life! Fullness of life is meant to 'Wow!' us and keep us in amazement. There is always more that Life wants to surprise us with.

Such was my surprise with this painting I titled, 'Finding More'.
Finding More (acrylic on canvas)
©Nancy Teague
With my recent change from realism of objects to, what most would label, abstract expressionism, I began the challenge to find my 'expressive' style. Lo and behold, "Finding More', one of my first attempts when I changed, just seemed to 'click'. 

In fact, upon completion of this painting about midnight, I found myself saying as I slipped into bed, "No one should have this much fun.", with a grin of satisfaction and utter delight in my soul.

I sensed I was finding my 'voice' as I went to bed that night. What added surprise there was the next morning as I searched this painting. Indeed, I found more! Here are a few closeups to help you see some of my brush strokes and overlays that brought surprises of subtleties, playfulness, and intrigue. 

'Finding More' closeup left side
'Finding More' closeup right side

'Finding More' closeup center bottom

May you find surprises in your day that delight your soul! 

Just be open, and then look close when it happens. There will be more to find!

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