Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is Life Too Busy? Take A 59 Second Pause

It is so easy to rush through our days. When is there time to hit 'pause' and refresh?

This just might be the time! Hit the 'play' arrow and find your 'pause'. In 59 seconds you just might come away refreshed!

For a longer pause you can take more time to enjoy all of "Green Pastures Make For Deep Waters" below.

Green Pastures Make For Deep Waters
© Nancy Teague 

 Wishing you many pauses in green pastures.


Debra Clemente said...

My oh my what a LEAP OF FAITH you have taken Nancy! Allowing Inspiration to so freely flow through you in this new way of artistic expression. The view I see is wonderful my dear artist friend and sister in LOVE. Deb

Nancy Teague said...

Deb - what an encouragement are your words. What a treat to 'see' the panoramic view 'together' - it is breath taking! Bliss to you beloved of the Lord, and a dear creative friend.