Friday, November 1, 2013

Wintry Cardinal Wheeeee! In Still Pointe Gallery Exhibition

What do seeing red cardinals, in the midst of winter, mean to you?

For me, they are a delightful highlight on a cold day blanketed in white. To see this little red creature flitting about the barrenness of a crisp day brings hope and joy to my soul. God must have known these little crimson birds would have such effect when He made them. Thanks God!

I had a pre-winter delight when my wintry cardinals painting was chosen for the "Award of Best Painting or Drawing" in Still Point Gallery "Winter Splendor" Exhibition!

"Wintry Cardinal Wheeeee!" is such a fun painting with lots going on. I thought you might enjoy exploring their surroundings and one cardinal's antics through this video. Get ready for a smile or two!

Wishing you many 'wheeeees!' in your life.

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