Sunday, April 27, 2014

Captivated By Intrigue In A Painting

Have you ever got "caught up" in a painting?

Sometimes a painting hits your heart from a distance and draws you up close.

Sometimes a painting is not really appreciated until you get face to face - and then you are zeroing in on the shapes, colors, strokes, movement, texture.

Discovery is happening! Intrigue has captivated you! Oh the wonder a painting can bring!

My new painting, "Captivated By Intrigue", did just that to me as I took time to 'see' what had unfolded in its completion. Many surprises!

By taking closeups of the finished  painting, putting them into a video, and adding music enabled me to get "caught up" in this painting in whole new level.

May you find your own unique places of intrigue in just fifty-eight seconds!


"Captivated By Intrigue", along with my other Expressive paintings, 
can be viewed here at my website.

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