Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nancy Teague Gallery New Since October 2014!

Boy, am I way behind the curve ball - never did an announcement about my new gallery space on my blog!

Here I am at Nancy Teague Gallery, which opened in October 2014. It is located at The Burkholder Project 719 P Lincoln, NE. Can you tell I am excited!

This is the entrance into Nancy Teague Gallery.

Lots of great natural light during the daytime and LED Track lights in the evening. Sweet!

If you are ever in Lincoln, NE please stop by and check out my Expressive Abstracts in Nancy Teague Gallery located at The Burkholder Project 719 P Lincoln, NE.


Graeme Smith said...

When I wrote "My Own Gallery" I never imagines someone would already have one. It will be interesting to see what happens now.
I like your paintings.

Nancy Teague said...

Graeme, I am eager to see how your "My Own Gallery" Guide, I recently purchased, will enhance this direction in my art. At first glance looks like a wealth of information!