Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nancy Teague Participates In UNL MEDICI Fundraiser

MEDICI 2015, the University of Nebraska Art Department's fundraising event experienced a packed audience on the evening of February 26 2015, at the UNL Eisentrager-Howard Gallery.
Medici UNL 2015 with Dan Howard Painting
This artsy event attracts art collectors from across Nebraska.

In previous years, Medici funding has purchased equipment such as the large electric kiln in Ceramics, a safer table saw and large lathe in the Fabrication Space, cameras, and a large-format vinyl cutter for the Digital Lab.

Last year MEDICI 2014 had a record fundraiser of more than $23,000.  This helped fund a new lighting studio for Photography. This year, MEDICI is planning to help with raw materials (bricks and steel) for its Kiln Construction course and pay for studio upgrades in Painting.

Medici also helps sponsor the UNL Visiting Artists Program, which brings nationally noted artist, scholars and critics to the Lincoln campus.

For the 2015 Medici fundraiser twenty artist had donated major artworks for sale.  Two works of art were available by silent auction - a Dan Howard painting and a glass piece by Omaha's Therman Statom.

In addition, sixty-five artist donated $100 art pieces for purchase.
Medici UNL 2015 - A few of the $100 Artworks for sale
Among the sixty-five, I was honored to be asked to participate. I am tickled to say that my painting, "A Tad Tickled", was quickly purchased!

"A Tad Tickled" 8x8 Acrylic on Canvas

©Nancy Teague

For more information on the Medici event go to the MEDICI website.


Helen said...

I would like more posts from you! Something about the process of the creation of your masterpieces!

Nancy Teague said...

Helen, that is an interesting idea! Will give that some thought as to how to show the process. Heads up though, not all my works are "masterpieces". Some of them get scraped or sliced up - part of the process - learning how to be our own critic and grow from failures. :-)