Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blues Band by Nancy Teague and How Many Blues In A Blue Band

How many blues can be in a band?

How many Blues can a Blues Band play?

Even though my acrylic painting of Blues Band is a play on words - it can move you with color and rhythm.

Blues Band 30x48 Acrylic Nancy Teague
Check out the details of the painting in this video to see if it isn't so!

Hope you enjoy this fun painting.


Helen said...

I wish I could combine colors as beautiful as you do! I also paint but in the other style. I’m Ukrainian and like Petrakivskiy style. It is so different from yours but not the last beautiful.

Nancy Teague said...

Helen, thank you for your nice comments about Blues Band and its colors! I looked up the Petrykivka Style of Painting. Was not aware of this style. Amazing. So much detail and beautiful designs. Maybe you will experiment with some 'out of the box' colors? Always good to stretch ourselves. All the best to you in this creative style and beyond.

Helen said...

Nancy, thanks you for the great advice! It is our national style of painting which is gradually dyeing out. I want to preserve at least something of it for the future generations! I don’t know English very well, what do you mean under “out of the box” colors? Thank you for the reply!

Nancy Teague said...

Helen, "out of the box" is a colloquialism that means go beyond the normal way of doing things, don't follow all the rules, be experimental, risk and try a new approach. Non-conformity can be scary but it just might open up a whole new world! Hence my suggestion about experimenting with some new color combinations, and perhaps even going 'outside the line' ( another colloquialism :-) ). You can preserve a wonderful heritage in the style, but you might be one to do a new twist on it while still pointing to the cultural heritage of Petrykivka. Just something for your to consider. Most of all your artwork should bring you joy - in the process and the results. Happy creating!

Helen said...

Thanks for such a vivid explanation of both – English colloquialisms ad Art)) I appreciate your taking time and effort! I’ll try to follow your advice and find my own unique style within the strict Petrakivka! Thank for encouraging!