Thursday, August 18, 2016

How I Started the KSU Diptych Commission and Big Lesson Learned

As I expressed in my previous blog, "BIG" was on my mind because of the big 72"x96" KSU College of Business Administration Diptych Abstract commission.

Big meant making "BIG" studio changes:
  • rearranged my studio to make it bigger
  • essentially got rid of my 'office area'
  • gave away my desk
  • moved my filing system to another room
  • stream-lined my canvas storage carts
  • added more protective panels on the floor to increase painting area, hence protect carpet tiles
  • re-positioned my easels - for more room to paint and to step back further to view work
  • determined bigger painting tools
  • figured out containers for bigger amounts of mixed paint  (The answer? Pyrex Glass Storage Bowls! Best price -

Then there were hours finding resources and learning about some history of Kansas, Manhattan, Kansas State University, KSU Business Administration College, and the Flint Hills.  After that, mulling over and imagining what I would create.

Then lots of studies - sketches, drawings, color determinations, compositions for ultimately two paintings.

Finally submitted a Study. Getting it approved. Then the painting began!

But, the final paintings do not look like the Study submitted and approved! Only the color palette bore resemblance to the final paintings.  

A big lesson learned - trying to follow the approved Study put me in a box and the initial work was not working! I had to get free from that "Study" internally and externally so I could  move back into me being me  - where the true flow and joy happens. And it did! Stay tuned for the rest of the story

Note to self - Be willing to be stretched, but stay true to you.

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