Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How I Painted KSU CBA Diptcyh Commission

I always enjoy seeing how an artist does a piece of work. So here goes for you to see how I painted the diptych commission for Kansas State University College of Business Administration's new building.

This diptych (two paintings) will hang in the CBA Executive Conference Room. The following two images give you an idea of the location.

On site Signage for KSU CBA new Business Administration Building - completed August 2106
CBA Executive Conference Room under construction.
The niche at the far end will display the diptych.

Now check out the HOW and WHAT I did to complete this BIG commission.

Underground for the two panels.

Working on Panel 1 KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Support bars sure help in moving the panels for KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Stepping stool comes in handy on Panel 2 KSU CBA Commission - Nancy Teague

Now the lower areas on Panel 2 KSU CBA commission - Nancy Teague
Painting the sides of the canvas to complement the work - KSU Commission - Nancy Teague
Finally done!
I did it! "Risk In Progress" diptych 72"x96" Acrylic on Canvas ©2016 Nancy Teague
Did you catch my title? "Risk In Progress" - a special play on words!

Oh, and one last thing to do - Documentation! High resolution images are a must.

My goodness, what a stretching and fun commission!

Thanks to Paul Dorrell, owner Leopold Gallery in Kansas City MO, for submitting my name for consideration of this KSU Commission. And thank you to CBA Assistant Dean Stacy Kovar (and her committee) for accepting me for this BIG art project.

What a blessing, in many ways!

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