Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still Point Gallery Not Easy Being Green Competition Includes Nancy Teague

Here's some fun news! My work was accepted to be part of Still Point Gallery's online themed competition - "It's Not Easy Being Green". What a theme!

If you love the color green, have thought it is not easy being green, or wonder what artists come up with focusing on green, then check out this unique work.

One of my paintings, "Bucolic", is featured on the top bar of images on the main page - fourth one to the right.

Still Point Arts Quarterly, a high quality art and literature publication, will feature these 'green works', in their upcoming Spring 2017 ~ Issue No. 25. To purchase go here.

Here are my pieces that are part of Still Point Gallery's 'green' competition.

"Bucolic"  20x20 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

"Going Up"  40x30 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

"Over Yonder"  8x8 Acrylic on Canvas  ©Nancy Teague

I'm not sure why some would think it's not easy being green, unless it has to do with the phrase "being green with envy". Talk about an unhappy place!

But, I love green. In fact, I can't wait for green to start popping up everywhere in my area. I am ready to be done with winter - browns and grays.

Come on GREEN! This color is also symbolic of new life, new beginnings, wholeness, and healing. Here's wishing you lots of good green in your life.


UniversalTelecoms said...

Nice post. It is really fantastic. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Teague said...

Universal Telecoms - thank you for your encouraging words and taking time to say so! Pleased you enjoyed the post and the images. BTW - so sorry for my late publish of your nice comment and hence my late reply. Just now saw it, of all things! :-)